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Long Term Care may seem unimportant now, Is it?

Long Term Care Insurance is available to help protect future or current wealth while planning for unforeseen expenses that might occur later in our lives. If you are just beginning your career it is important not to overlook this aspect of risk management. What’s the benefit can it provide, watch this video that show the potential impact of having LTCI. Get in touch with me to discuss your risk management needs and ensure you plan matches those needs.

For more information about cost of care in Lubbock and ways to shop smart visit The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance at

Also view this great info-graph providing the results of the 2015 Cost of Care Survey:

Ben Mercado Texas New Mexico Long Term Care BrokerBen Mercado is your local Local Long Term Care Insurance Broker for the Lubbock area. Contact me to find out if LTCI is appropriate for you.